Our Company

Juracsik Tool , located in Delray Beach FL, is a family-owned business with over 60 years experience in manufacturing precision metal products for leading electronics, telecommunications, medical, aviation and many other industries.

Juracsik Tool is also the home of Tibor Reel Corporation,manufacturers of Tibor & Billy Pate Fly Reels. Made entirely in our facility, and hold more fly fishing world records than any saltwater fly reel on the market today. 

We are also home to TedStuff, quality made home and garden products.

At Juracsik Tool, all precision work is done on clean, safe, state-of-the-art computer controlled machines. However, no matter how grand the investment in equipment, real excellence in production and service comes from the people handling the processes. We know you'll be pleased with the personal attention you receive from Ted Juracsik Tool & Die. Because we've built our reputation from the ground up, we understand the importance of each and every job. We deliver on time and on budget to the most rigorous specifications. Our Quality Control Department provides complete inspection and certification of materials and processes on every job.

For free, accurate and timely quotes with no obligation, please visit our Request A Quote page or contact Ted Juracsik at 561-272-0770 or tedj@juracsiktool.com.